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How Last 2 Standing Became Your Favorite New Card Game!

You ever just wonder how or why in the heck were some of these card games created? Like really... what person sat there and thought to themselves… “hmm… I should make a card game for people who are against humanity.” Or who thought to make a game where your black card could actually be revoked? Or better yet, what sane person could come up with a card game that forces kittens to explode? I don't have the answer to those questions, but I do have the answers to this one-- what in the f@*$ is Last 2 Standing and how did it get started? Last 2 Standing is a new game that launched in the fall of 2016. Now, there are a lot of card games out there, AND I MEAN A LOT, but this one is quite interesting enough to stand out by itself because of its dynamic style of play. Last 2 Standing is a hilarious adult party game designed for people who can't get enough of the sexy, hilarious, shocking, and revealing truths. The game was created by Kenny Mulfort (Powerhouse Creations) from the simple fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We just can't seem to understand each other. With that in mind, Kenny wanted to find a way to not only bridge the gap between the misunderstanding of men and women, but also have a great time in doing so. And he accomplished that by birthing this amazing game of revealing truths. And it's simple to play!! Players take turns answering some of the most funny, sexy, crazy, intriguing questions in hopes of not getting eliminated. The decks of cards are made up of six categories that will reveal all sort of truths about women, men, dating, and relationships on a whole new level. Needless to say... telling and hearing the truth will never be this exciting. Avoid elimination and you will be crowned as one of the Last 2 Standing. Now that you know about Last 2 Standing, let's see how it was started. I had the opportunity to ask Kenny Mulfort about Last 2 Standing in an over the phone interview. And I must admit, the story of the beginning is just as interesting as the game itself. So let's get started. How did you come up with the game? It just came to me out of nowhere. I didn't have any interest in creating or designing a card game, but here we are. It started on my trip to Houston where I went to visit a close friend of mine. My friend, who’s a sucker for love, had been having problems in her dating life. Not because she couldn't find anyone, but because she had a hard time of understanding them. Or better, had a hard time of understanding the dating life in 2016 period! As a former wildboy who had been “around”, I found this to be a normal thing for women. They struggled to understand men because more than often, they were more concerned with what the man had to offer rather than who he really was. On top of that, some women don't necessarily know what to ask guys. And when it comes to guys, we don't necessarily know what to talk about other than ourselves. Some of us at least. As of result, there's a huge miscommunication between the communication. Anyway, my friend had a house gathering that night with a bunch of her friends, both men and women. They were tired of the whole Taboo and cards against humanity games so they wanted something else. And just as they reached that point, out of nowhere, I asked a simple question that started a crazy, funny, and stimulating conversation. And from there we just had a great time talking about men, women, and dating. I was the moderator, so I would allow the women, collectively, to ask men questions that they been dying to know. Once the discussion was over, I would then let the men as a group come up with a question to ask the ladies. It was a great time. Then it hit me, this should be a normal occurrence where men and women could talk open about anything while having a great time. So something needed to be done about that. Then the thought came to me like no other thought had done. And now... here we are! What was the question that you ask that pretty much started Last 2 Standing? Why are women afraid to have a one night stand? How did you follow through with everything to actually have a physical product that people can buy and play? On my way from Houston, I thought about it a lot. That's the good thing about flying-- You can come up with some of the best ideas ever. Anyway, I came up with the rules, concept, and design that I thought would give people the same experience I had that night in Houston. I'm a very very creative person as it is so it wasn't as difficult. After coming up with the idea in my mind and writing it on paper, it was time to get the ball rolling. I spent five hours at the print store putting together my very own copy of the game. I took that copy all over having people play the game. I went to Washington D.C, Atlanta, Houston. Gainesville FL, Denver, Miami, etc. And everyone loved it! So I knew then I just had to leap out on faith and invest my time, my heart, my mind, and of course my money into this product. And I've been loving it ever since.

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