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A Card Game That Makes Dating Seem So Much Easier.

So let's face it, the phrase "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" couldn't be any more true. Figuratively speaking. And as it stands, it doesn't seem like much is changing when you take a look around you. Some have guesstimated that the number one issue with relationships and dating, whether it be gay, straight, or lesbian... is communication. Think about it. It’s happened to most of us, if not all. You've been dating someone when all of sudden, he or she does or say something that throws you completely off. Or better yet, you've been on a date, having a conversation that is either completely dry and boring or simply leading to the pit of nowhere. Now, you're forced to think one thing! Women are crazy or men are stupid. And the reality of it is, you're probably right. Or perhaps, it's simply because you just don't understand them. Then, along comes a game of revealing truths that puts men on Venus or women on Mars. Whichever makes more sense. The new game Last 2 Standing is not only racy, hilarious, and fun but it's also helpful and great way to understand dating. yourself, and others on a whole new level.

Last 2 Standing was birth by a writer and entrepreneur name Kenny Mulfort-who created the game after listening to all the stories from both friends and strangers on how relationships and dating can be quite difficult. That could be true, but the one common thing that stood out to Kenny was the fact that men and women weren't actually talking to their partners as much as they believe they were. Even on dates! He went around asking several women, I mean hundreds, what is one thing that you ask a man on dates, and for the most part, he got the same response. Are you married? Do you have kids? What are you goals? How's your faith with God? And occasionally, something far left that requires little to no answers. On the other hand, he found that men were plagued with the same dilemma. Very few men actually know how to carry a conversation that's not centered around something sexual or egotistical. So here comes Last 2 Standing to save the day, making it easy and exciting for everyone to ask and answer some of the funniest, sexiest, interesting, dumbest, and revealing questions. Last 2 Standing will have people thinking outside the box with some of the conversations they have moving forward. Additionally, players of Last 2 Standing will find several questions they can begin asking themselves and their partner. Last 2 Standing is not only a game that serves as as great purpose to some, whether they are aware or not, but it's also a lifestyle that makes dating seem so much easier.

Everyone playing Last 2 Standing will take turns answering some of the most funny, sexy, crazy, intriguing questions in hopes of not getting eliminated. The decks of cards are made up of six categories (Personal, Situational, Sexual, Romance, Finance, and Revealing Truth) that will tell all sort of truths about women, men, dating, and relationships on a whole new level. Needless to say... telling and hearing the truth will never be this exciting. Avoid elimination and you will be crowned as one of the Last 2 Standing and take one step closer to breaking down the communication barrier that the pundits are talking about.

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