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They Found Love Playing Last 2 Standing!

It turns out that playing Last 2 Standing is more than just a game of fun. This stimulating, hilarious, and shocking game of revealing truth is also finding true love! Imagine this. Two strangers sat down to play a game of Last 2 Standing with some friends on an ordinary night. The game began with twelve individuals, including the two strangers- Gee and Cynthia. The twelve individuals spent the night anonymously answering stimulating and funny questions with the hopes of not getting eliminated, making them antsy and flustered as they tried to figure which answers belong to who. Now the man, a full-time cellist, like the woman, a retail sales specialist, knew this game would be very fun, but neither were aware of what would transpire once the ultimate party game of revealing truths came to an end.

As the game went on, the man and the woman continue to answer questions that not only made them laugh, but also opened their minds to things they hadn't thought of before. The two strangers knew they had something in common with someone in the game. However, because everyone remained anonymous, they wouldn't find out with who... unless they won. And with every roll of the die and pulling of a card, the strangers came closer to finding love in the last place they would have thought-- IN A CARD GAME.

Before the clock struck midnight, four women along with four men had been eliminated. There were just two men and two women remaining in the game, wondering who would be the LAST 2 STANDING. Gee rolled the die and watched it land on Romance. At last, the final card is pulled-- "Name A Guilty Pleasure Of Yours That You Wouldn't Mind Sharing With The Person You Are Dating." The thirty second timer starts. Pencils hit the paper as players answer the coveted question. Ding! Time is up! One of the women responds by saying "Enjoying my 10-minute shower concert." While one of the guys responds "People watching downtown." And just like that, with simply two answers coming together, the Last 2 Standing is established.

That was eight months ago. Now, we are only 22 days away from the wedding of the two strangers that met through this shocking and hilarious game known as Last 2 Standing. Gee and Cynthia . Despite going through their rough time trying to find true love, Cynthia and Gee were able to give themselves a chance in a place they would have never thought could happen. So the next time you and your people come together, think about the game you choose to play, because answering questions like "Name One Reason Why You'd Want To Be Married?", or "I would Definitely Have A One Night Stand If...", or perhaps "How Would You Turn Someone On Without The Ability To Touch?" can cause you to laugh, think, get horny, be offended, or possibly... find true love. Either way, it’s a lot more fun than playing the same game that has no value at end or explaining why you’re still single during the holidays.

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