2. Place the cards, pencils, paper, timer, and dice around the table.               


1. Split into two groups with an even amount on each side.               

3. Discreetly, pass out a player's token to everyone in the game.              


These 300 playing cards are comprised of questions that are either hilarious, racy, or intriguing, which will give

you a lot of "Ah ha" moments. There are six categories in this game.



4. Group A will roll the die, pick a card from the category in which the die lands on, and then read the card aloud.


5. Group B will have 60 seconds to respond to the question by writing their answer, along with their secret number, on a piece of paper.


6. When the time is up, Group A. will have 60 seconds to eliminate the least favorite response. If you are playing POINTS style, the overall best answer will receive 3 points, the second best answer will receive 2 points, and the third best answer will receive 1 point. Everyone else gets 0!!




8. Group B. will now roll the die, select a card, and read the question to Group A. Following that, Group A. will have 60 seconds to answer.

9. The game will go as follow until the last one on each side is remaining. If you are playing POINTS style, you will tally all the points after six rounds.

twill follow steps 4 through 7.




If you are playing ELIMINATION, you will answer some of the most intriguing, funniest, weirdiest, and sexiest questions in the hopes of not be eliminating. The last one on each team to avoid elimination will be crowned as the Last 2 Standing. If you are playing POINTS, you will tally up the points after six rounds.The player on each side with the most amount of points is the winner. 




Roll Die        Pick Card